Coming into Block Island from the ferry

We must admit, today is not the “best” day to get to Block Island from the Ferry. It is a little windy and overcast.  This doesn’t mean Block Island isn’t packed!  Here is a photo from the Block Island Ferry porting.  Enjoy the local businesses!  Your friends from Block Island Reviews.

Top 7 Attractions in Block Island for Tourists of All Ages

Block out the stress and worldly issues for some days by planning a trip to the Block Island, a natural heaven that is formed from the ice age glaciers. Nestled 12 miles off the Rhode Island in New England of the United States, the area is a tranquil and isolated respite adorned with natural charms,… Read more »

Our photographer was on Block Island this past weekend

One of Block Island Reviews photographer was on Block Island this past weekend and took some great shot of local businesses.  We are currently in the process of uploading all images.  Have a great weekend!  See you soon.