Block Island Reviews

Block Island is a destination you cannot afford to miss when you visit Rhode Island. Located about 19 kilometers away from the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island is not as busy as several other beach destinations in the area.

Block Island is renowned for its beautiful pristine beaches and natural attractions. The scenery of the destination from Mohegan Bluffs complemented by the attractive ocean views makes Block Island the perfect getaway and vacation destination for anyone that appreciates nature in its pureness. And right from the Mohegan Bluffs, you can view the southeast lighthouse.

There is quite a lot to know about Block Island, which was named after Adriaen Block and officially settled in around 1661. You do not need a car to explore nature trails, historic sites, and picturesque harbor areas. Take your time and take a stroll around while you breathe nature’s fresh air to your content.


What Is Block Island Known For?

The location of Block Island makes it suitable for fishing, sailing, hiking and bicycling. Also, it is known for its beaches. You, undoubtedly, will be dumbfounded by nature’s beauty on Block Island. From rugged bluffs to rolling green hills and freshwater ponds, everything about Block Island is perfect and captivating.

The gorgeous coastline is a pleasant sight, and while in the destination, you can move around riding your bicycle or rent a scooter to explore the Island, which was added to the list of “The Last Great Places” by the Nature Conservancy. And it is not surprising that Block Island visited some famous US presidents. You cannot resist the grandeur and allure of this nature’s beauty.

With only a 12-minute flight to the Block Island Airport through New England Airlines, you get to see what Block Island is known for firsthand. Alternatively, you can get to Island via a ferry ride.


Does Anyone Live On Block Island?

Block Island is like a paradise you don’t want to miss. Like most parts of Rhode Island, people are living on Block Island. No fewer than 1,000 people live on the Island year-round.

And the population gets tripled during the summer vacation. Block Island is not crowded in the winter, but if you are planning to relocate there, you will enjoy it – but you have to prepare to adjust to the new life there. And it would surprise you that the streets of the Island are lined with boutiques, stores, restaurants, and lots more.


How Many Year-round Residents Are On Block Island?

As beautiful as this place is, it is not crowded like other areas in Rhode Island. The population of residents Year-round is no fewer than 900-1000 persons. Although vacationists visit the area in large numbers, only 900-1000 are permanent residents.

Residents are happy to have settled in the area regardless of the challenges and slow pace of the Island during the off-season.


How Long Is The Ferry Ride to Block Island?

The time it takes a ferry to birth at Block Island depends on where it is coming from. Ferries take off from Point Judith (also known as Galilee), Newport in Rhode Island, Fall River in Massachusetts, Montauk in New York, and New London in Connecticut.

Fall River, Massachusetts – 2 hours 15 minutes

Newport – 1 hour

Point Judith – 55 minutes

New London – about 2 hours

Montauk – 2 hours


What Are The Beaches in Block?

The Island is blessed with several sandy and pristine beaches, which are some of the best beaches in the United States. The location features clear blue water, soft sand, and rocky shores. Block unarguably has something for everyone. Little wonder it is one of the most visited destinations.

The beaches in Block Island include Cow Cove, Baby Beach, Scotch Beach, Mansion Beach, Surf Beach, Fred Benson Town Beach, Mohegan Bluffs, Ballard’s Beach, Vaill Beach, Black Rock, West Beach, Andy’s Way, Black Rock, Coast Guard Beach, Mosquito Beach (Dinghy Beach), and Charleston Beach. Some secluded beaches include Grace’s Cove, Dorrie’s Cove, and Cooneymous Cove, which are perfect for hikers and adventures looking to catch the sunset in the Block.

Each of these beaches is unique and has an underlying history or distinct features. Wherever you wish to go, you are assured of a quintessential Island experience.


What Can You Do On The Block Island?

When you are on the Block, there are several things you can do:

  1. Walk the 157 wooden stairs in Mohegan Bluffs
  2. Go on the Island tour in Monica’s taxi
  3. Visit local restaurants
  4. Go hiking
  5. Lodge in a historic hotel
  6. Sunbathe on the beaches
  7. Head to the Farmer’s market
  8. Experience a horseback ride
  9. Etc.

Wherever you choose to go on the Island, you are assured of a pleasant time that will stay long in your memory.



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