Top 7 Attractions in Block Island for Tourists of All Ages

Block Island

Top 7 Attractions in Block Island for tourists of all ages

Block out the stress and worldly issues for some days by planning a trip to the Block Island, a natural heaven that is formed from the ice age glaciers. Nestled 12 miles off the Rhode Island in New England of the United States, the area is a tranquil and isolated respite adorned with natural charms, which attracts all those who wish to get away from hustling hotels, bustling malls, and crowded restaurants.

Fascinating both the kids and elders, alike the island is truly a remarkable place featuring rolling green hills, geological formations, 365 ponds having fresh water, and 17 miles of beaches to relax and rejuvenate naturally. A ferry service or flight from the southern Rhode Island can drop you here in 60 and 15 minutes, respectively. Once you are on the island, consider taking up the following activities to make your family or individual trip memorable, in case you have less time.

Workout at Mohegan Bluffs

Nestled on southern end, the bluffs make up for the most famous geological site to explore and admire. They rise 200 feet above the water and stretch for 3 miles along the coast near the Southeast Lighthouse of the late nineteenth century.

The bluffs have been in gossip because of the erosion issues due to which the popular lighthouse had to be shifted backwards by a few feet for protecting it from falling into the water. For the tourists, the site offers breathtaking views. You can choose climb down the several stairs, pedal with a bicycle on rent, or hike for long on the Mohegan Trail.

Enjoy Water Sports

Block Island is admired for its clean water beaches, of which the Crescent Beach is popular amongst families with kids and individuals for swimming and parasailing. With its 2.5 miles of pastoral shoreline, it encompasses three smaller beaches, Mansion, Scotch, and Fred Benson or State Beach as the only beach with on-duty lifeguards on the island.

For surfing, the Black Rock Beach on the island’s southern side is ideal with its best waves but it is quite rocky and has many nude sunbathers. Further, at the Old Harbor Dock, you can enjoy diverse and fun-based water sport activities such as island tours, sunset cruises, jet boat rentals, and banana boat rides.

Boating is ideal for exploring the 365 freshwater ponds. You can take one of the charter boats and go boating on one or more of these ponds. The fresh water ponds also facilitate snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving, and kayaking as well.

Walk on the Yet-to-Explore Sacred Labyrinth

Nestled on the Corn Neck Road, the Sacred Labyrinth is a charming place that not many tourists know. Featuring wooden steps, you get a chance to walk on the fabricated hidden path reflecting an ancient Mayan tradition still breathing on the island.

Geometrically, the Labyrinth is a big, round trail of walking in silence while praying or wishing for something. After coming into the middle, you should leave a small gift (anything) and the wish is believed to become true. No one should miss a fun attraction.

Enjoy the North Light

Oh wait! This is not a geographical phenomenon like the Norway lights but a man-made lighthouse built in 1867 on the Corn Neck Road. To be precise, the lighthouse is in the National Wildlife Sanctuary that has several hiking trails. This one is the fourth lighthouse where friction with shifting sands and other natural elements make it tough to retain the edifice as a single piece.

Watch Sunset at Dories Cove

Nestled off the West Side Road, the site is a stunning beach in a cove from where the sunset view is just amazing. You can even enjoy a fire sitting on the beach or consider walking for rejuvenating on the dunes that do not hold much crowd. However, it is vital to know that it can be a bit tough to access the cove due to a bit dirty road.

Tour Justin’s Farm & Garden for Free

Do you like exploring animals? Is it so that your kids are fond of spotting animals? Regardless of the reason, you are likely to enjoy this exotic animal farm. Nestled on the Spring Street, it is more of a zoo and less of an agricultural farm. The main attraction here is meeting different animals such as camels, lamas, emus, and kangaroos. The entry is free from until dusk and is open seasonally.

Explore Block Island Science Center

For all those who truly love nature, coming to an island and going back without exploring its nautical world is simply not fair. Therefore, a visit to the science center is a must-to-do-activity, as it commemorates the marine significance of the island by imparting knowledge to the visitors through activities and programs. You can visit even aquariums that are full of preserved marine species found in the island waters.

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